What is a Sleep Bag?

Our Sleep Bags provide a safe alternative to a blanket According to American Academy of Pediatrics, the best sleep environment is a crib empty of toys and loose bedding.


What is a Sleep Suit?

Our carefully designed Sleep Suit features a drop crotch cut for added comfort and convenience. Great for infants and little movers alike, it allows your little one to freely move their legs during the night without feeling restricted. The relaxed fit also for proper hip and joint development while also ensuring it will grow right along with your little one.


What is the long-sleeved Sleep Bags/Suits?

Our luxuriously soft sleep bag/suit features sleeves made using GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. Elasticized cuffs made from a plush knit that offers a comfortable stretch while also ensuring they retain their shape and remain in place no matter how much your baby moves around the crib.


What is the sleeveless Sleep Bags/Suits?

The arms-free design of our Baby & Peas Sleeveless Sleep Bag/Suit is a great way to transition your Little Pea into sleeping independently. Made with all of the same features you’ll find in our Traditional Sleep Bag, this impeccably designed sleep accessory is ready to create a comfortable environment that will have your baby sleeping soundly all night long.


What is your materials?

We make Baby & Peas Sleep Bag/Suit from a 400+ Thread Count material that is gentle enough even for babies with the most sensitive skin. Each one is manufactured from a premium bamboo blend


What is the TOG rating of your products?

“TOG” stands for “Thermal Overall Grade” and measures how much warmth is provided by a garment. To keep your baby warm without worrying about them overheating, consider the temperature of the room they’ll be sleeping in when selecting one of our TOG rated Baby & Peas products.


Which TOG rating is Right for me?

Baby&Peas Sleep Bag/Suit is recommended to be used in room temperatures below. Simply adjust the layers of sleepwear worn under the sleeping bag to suit the nursery temperature.


How can I choose the right size for my baby?

We do not recommend sizing up. The sleep bag should be well-fitted around your child's upper body for a safe and secure fit. We suggest using our recommended sizing guidelines to find the correct size based on your child's age, height, and weight.




Do I need more than one Baby & Peas sleeping bags/suits?

We recommend having two Baby & Peas Sleep Bag/Suit. It is always useful to have a spare sleep bag/suit when one is being washed, or if baby requires a quick change in the middle of the night. How do I know if my child is hot or cold? Please check if your baby is hot or cold while sleeping by touching her tummy or behind her neck. Touching baby’s hands and feet are NOT good indications of their actual body temperature.


Does the sleep bag need to be washed before the first use?

Yes, we recommend wash your Baby & Peas Sleep Bag/Suit before the first use. When you wash it, please follow the care instructions carefully.


How should I care my Baby & Peas Sleep Bag/Suit?

Baby & Peas Sleep Bag/Suit is designed for easy wash and easy care: machine wash cold with like colors use only non-chlorine bleach when needed tumble dry low cool iron when needed. Please Contact Us and we'll answer your question promptly.