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Once upon a time…there was a baby who suffered from severe eczema. For this “Little Pea” only a sleep bag made from the softest material would do. 

 Designed by a mom and baby sleep trainer, Baby & Peas sleep bags and sleep suits are made from a luxuriously soft fabric that is safe enough for babies even with the most sensitive skin. They’re also specially designed to provide a warm, stimulation-free environment that helps babies - and their parents - sleep soundly all night long. 


Founder’s Story


Muzi is a mom and baby sleep expert from Alberta Canada who has spent countless hours offering training and solutions to sleep-deprived parents. She knew that sleep suits and sleep bags were important when it came to ensuring babies get a restful, good night’s sleep - but there wasn’t a single product that she felt was the right one to recommend to parents. 

Instead of settling for a sub-par solution, Muzi saw this as a chance to turn her years of baby sleep expertise into something extraordinary. 

Muzi has helped over 200 parents successfully sleep train their babies. Now, her expertise is finding its way into even more nurseries thanks to Baby & Peas products. Each one is designed to safely, gently, and effectively help babies - and their parents! - achieve a restful night’s sleep.



Tossing and turning in the wee hours of the night, Baby Elyse was suffering from eczema severe enough to crush all hopes of sleep. Every move she made only intensified the itchiness. Even baby bedding was too rough for Elyse’s sensitive skin. To no avail, her parents tried everything to help. And knowing that scratching her itches would only magnify the problem, they were stuck without relief – that is, until they realized that an ultra-soft sleep bag might be the solution. Soft enough to soothe itchy skin and create a calm embrace, the right sleepwear crafted from bamboo textiles finally gave Baby Elyse – and her parents – a chance to rest through the night.

Every parent deserves sound sleep for their baby and themselves, and Elyse’s momma knew that she wasn’t the only one out there facing sleepless nights. She was inspired to share her secrets with parents everywhere so that no one struggles the way that her family had. So, she partnered with professionals in baby sleep therapy and the textile industry. Turns out, Baby & Peas Sleepwear – a line of super-soft sleeping bags and sleeping suits products gentle enough to soothe little babies with severe skin sensitivities.

Thanks to her momma’s hard work and determination, Baby Elyse found relief. Now it’s time for your little one to sleep soundly, too.